Branding Identity for "Nôtre Atelier", a fiancées' high fashion atelier.

For these Brand, I devised an identity that focus on the traditional atelier, in them needles and scissors are the main instruments , that represent the manual labour of an atelier. But as a high fashion atelier, gold plays also an important role in this Identity, as a symbol of luxury.

The main logo has two different ways:
The big one, used for website and most of the labels.
The small version, used only for the labels of the fiancées´dresses

large version

small version

fiancees´ label

large label

kids label

identity card


Large version

logo Nôtre Atelier

Small version

logo Nôtre Atelier

fiancees label large label kids-label identity card Nôtre Atelier logo Nôtre Atelier